Established in 1996, our company ventured into the industry and has become one of Turkey's leading companies in the field of Narrow Weaving with significant achievements. Our leadership in Jacquard Narrow Weaving is a result of our experienced team that diligently follows technological innovations without compromising on quality.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest level of quality while offering competitive prices. We prioritize customer satisfaction and exhibit the same dedication and effort at every stage of our product manufacturing. Since our inception, we have focused on producing products that can compete in the international market, leaving a mark in the industry.

Our experienced and expert team continuously improves our products by closely monitoring industry innovations and utilizing the latest technologies in our production process. This commitment allows us to promise our customers the most modern, high-quality, and durable products.

The core values of our company include continuous improvement, a focus on quality, and customer satisfaction. These values guide our work, and each day we strive to grow further, solidifying our leadership position in the industry.

Aksu Narrow Weaving Industry: The Leading Name in Jacquard Narrow Weaving

Our company, known for its leadership in Jacquard Narrow Weaving, has achieved its status as an industry leader through years of experience and the pursuit of technological innovations.

Experience and Technology Combined: At Aksu Narrow Weaving Industry, we produce high-quality products by combining our years of experience with the latest technology. Our experienced team aims for perfection at every step while constantly striving for improvement by keeping up with technology.

Customer Satisfaction-Focused Work: Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We take pride in being the preferred choice of our customers with our competitive prices and high-quality products. We work with the same dedication and quality in every product.

World-Class Products: Since its establishment, Aksu Narrow Weaving Industry has achieved great success in the industry by offering products suitable for the global market. Our products combine aesthetic design and high durability to represent your brand in the best possible way.




Our General Quality Policy