Elastic Webbing Manufacturing

Elastic Webbing Manufacturing

Our company has been working on the elastic webbing manufacturing for a long time. We strive to produce the best products for our customers by working continuously for being the leading company in the sector.We constantly renew and improve our product range.

Elastic Webbing are used in various sectors, mainly in the furniture sector. We, together with our experienced and qualified team members, are making elastic webbing manufacturing without sacrificing our values and quality. The manufacturing of elastic webbing under the narrow woven products is of high quality as it is produced with our experienced personnel and our latest technological equipment.

We have been continuing our activities and works for a long time. At this point, we have increased the number of our products that we have received from our customers.


Elastic Webbing Products

The most important point to be considered lines in the elastic webbing  manufacturing. The lines may look like aesthetic wiewed from the outside. However, the lines on the elastic webbing indicate the strength and elasticity of the elastic webbing. Our company, which makes extremely suitable products according to world standards, attaches great importance to the use of quality products by its customers. If you would like to buy an elastic webbing, we would like to emphasize the following:

- If there are two lines in the products, one tire with a thick number is used. It is stated that it is 100% stretch.

- If there are three lines in the products, two tires are used. It is stated that it is 60% stretch.

- If there are four lines in the products, three tires are used. It is stated that it is 50% stretch.

There is an important point to remember here. You can add as many lines on the elastic webbing. However, an elastic webbing conforming to world standards is as much line as mentioned above. Our company produces and offers the best quality products to customers at this point.


Quality Elastic Webbing Manufacturing

Our company which produces suitable products according to world standards produces highly successful elastic webbing  manufacturing in the sector. The quality of our products is constantly increasing. Together with our dynamic infrastructure and the technology we use, we have made it our target to offer the highest quality elastic webbing products to our customers.