Jacquard Webbing Manufacturing

Jacquard Webbing Manufacturing

Jacquard products are manufactured by our company by high-tech electronic machines from weaving machines. Cotton yarns, polypropylene and polyester products are using jacquard webbing manufacturing.

Slipper webbing , belt webbing , webbing products, tires and strips can be woven and produced as jacquard. The products can be woven without any problem between 10 mm and 120 mm.

About Jacquard Webbing Manufacturing

Jacquard narrow woven called jacquard webbing manufacturing, thanks to the technology is done of computer-aided design and with the help of various machines. When the computer enters the work, more specific , unique products and works can be done.

The quality of the product in the narrow woven can vary according to the raw material used, the workmanship and the machine used in its construction. At this point, our company never let our customers down, we use quality raw material during the manufacturing period.

At the same time, it combines quality raw materials with professionalism and experience to produce quality products. They also aim to achieve their satisfaction by offering them to their customers.

Our personnels and machines, which can make various combinations with different yarn and color options, continue their work according to the wishes and needs of their customers.All these works are called ribbon, bias, rubber or webbing. In order to gain the satisfaction of our customers with the production of products, we work in a very careful and devoted manner in our work. For us, not only the manufacturing stage of the product, but also the packaging and transportation stage is extremely important. We take into consideration all the quality, price and time.

What is Jacquard Fabric?

It is the coating surfaces formed by combining the yarns with different methods. It is obtained from various substances. These materials include cotton, linen, silk and wool. Jacquard fabric is formed by passing the ropes of different colors parallel to each other and in the vertical position. It is produced by weaving or knitting mode.

As a company, we produce our products with narrow woven. Jacquard Webbing products produced from jacquard fabric are produced in a high quality and professional manner without any errors and offered to our customers. Narrow woven is preferred at various points of daily life. With this in mind, we produce various products at the point of jacquard Webbing manufacturing.