Rubber Woven Manufacturing

Rubber Woven Manufacturing

Rubber woven products are used in various area. However, as you know, we use rubber and rubber products in every area of our lives. For many years, we have been offering wide range of rubber woven manufacturing our customers with our experienced and qualified team members in this sector. We are facing our customers with years of experience.


Rubber Shoes

Used in shoes, rubber shoes products, polyester yarn is produced. The durability of these products, which have less elasticity compared to the rubber used in textiles, is extremely high. Our company makes production of these products under the control of experienced team members. The finishing process is applied in order to maintain the durability of the product after production.This product can generally be knitted in widths between 10 mm and 20 mm.

Rubber Belt Manufacturing

Rubber woven manufacturing is also seen in rubber belt. Various yarns can be used for the rubbers of this product. According to compared to textile rubber, there is less elasticity. At the same time, these products are produced thickly. Depending on the request of the users, the finishing process is applied to make the products more durable after the production. The product is produced between 10 mm and 250 mm.


Silvery Rubbers

These products are produced by the use of polyester and silvery yarns. It is preferred mostly in textile area. These products can be produced in various colors and can be produced in widths between 10 mm and 120 mm.

We use the products of 1st class quality in the rubber woven manufacturing and we produced our products. In addition, flat, round and woven rubber products are available.Rubber are generally used in various products such as shoelace, home textile and linen. It is also as folder and rubber organizer in the printing industry.You can fully rely on the guarantee of our company, the quality of its products and the comments of our customers who have preferred us before. Our company does not compromise on customer satisfaction and quality in order to reach the summit determined.In order to become a leader in the sector, it has always been a principle to keep customer satisfaction in the forefront of customer satisfaction.